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High Performance Dr Dre Headphone

The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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Unparalleled Sound Innovation
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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Listen to the detailed sound, which several music headphones worth starting
    beats by dre If you want to listen to good music, how can you get a good headset? The following machine brother to give you some good headphones, let you listen to detailed voice.

    This completely open design, with high-power Tesla beats by dre wireless unit, with open natural sound field and high transparency of the sound performance. Open package ear design, with a highly fit body velvet fine fiber head beam and ear cotton, wear full comfort.

    This headphone is a great headset for everyday use and comes with a comfortable, cushioned ear cap to isolate outside noise. Acoustic system with precision tuning for outstanding playback and better clarity, breadth and balance.

    With NFC technology, you can leave the hassle beats by dre cheap of cable connections and simply connect the headset to an NFC-enabled music player with just one touch. Dual noise sensor technology to reduce ambient noise with high accuracy, allowing you to concentrate on listening to music.

    Omnidirectional microphones that accurately capture the sound quality, allowing the headset to capture voice messages during a call in either direction. Active noise cancellation technology, can effectively dilute the background noise interference, so as to create a calm listening atmosphere.

    The microphone installed outside the headphone cavity picks up the sound in the environment so that the user can hear the sound of the environment while listening to the music. Mute connectors reduce the mechanical noise of sliding and smooth the immersion while listening to immersive music.

    Bluetooth headset wireless folding

    Bluetooth headset wireless collapsible stereo, high-end headset 4.1 Bluetooth headset, subwoofer sound quality, more stable, more power and faster.

    In-ear headphones

    Universal models of mobile phones, in-ear headphones, clear sound quality and low accent, especially for music phones Oh.

    Waterproof Bluetooth headset

    Belt headphones too messy, Bluetooth headset is king, bright metallic luster headphones have high-end appearance quality.

    Wireless headset headset

    High-end atmosphere on the grade, the color is also beats solo particularly good-looking, the appearance is very brilliant, very practical, clear and clear sound quality.

    2017-11-21 09:48:53
  • Cost-effective headset, sound quality did not have to say, recommend it to everyone!
    Eat chicken computer headphones

    Siberia S21 in the middle, high and low tri-band performance on a clear and balanced water over a good control, it is resistant to the type of product, its volume, texture, bouncing, extension, thickness, sound field, can deeply appreciate the music Details and feelings.

    Live k song headphones

    CM5 using the United States House's micro-silicon wheat, when included in the sound and sing K, effectively avoid breaking sound, wheat, long distance radio is not clear, fuzzy radio and other troubles, beats by dre cheap make you more practical and peace of mind.

    Is a set of Nordic streamlined design aesthetics and technology charm in one Bluetooth headset, rich sound quality details, natural and authentic, strong sense of the atmosphere for the daily travel to create immersive music experience.


    Y20 stereo in-ear headphones made of polycarbonate, with careful design, make this headset both portable and durable advantages.

    Tailored RX-1 headphones

    beats by dre on sale The headphone uses a custom unit of F14.3mm AG graphene diaphragm, presenting a relaxed sound field experience, stable high-frequency extension, clear human voice, while still maintaining the overall sound smooth.

    Sports wired headphones

    Gothic rock design, from the Renaissance black culture, in the face of the unchangeable reality, do not give up the persistent pursuit.

    Wireless Bluetooth headset

    Scandinavia is the creative world, a classic designer, helping us to create a simple ideal era, Nordic, is a clear musical beats headphones cheap world, a touch of rhythm, ethereal melody, so that listeners feel like being in wonderland.

    Turtle Coast Headphones

    With Superhuman hearing technology, you can hear their voices well in advance of your enemies, plus DTS Surround mode with four preset audio levels to further enhance your game, music and viewing experience.

    2017-11-17 09:55:07
  • Enthusiast headphones recommended to give you immersive experience like to enjoy
    In-ear monitor headphones

    beats headphones on sale Sennheiser IE80 In-Ear Headphones, Superb Monitor, DIY Adjustable Bass, Hi-Fi Stereo, Good Noise Reduction, Seiko Carefully Designed to Let You Fine-tune a Broad Music World for Low Frequency Response.

    HIFI headphone monitor headphone fever

    Exterior design, generous head beam beats earphones and ear shell look more generous, the shell of the large metal grille, people see at a glance to know is an open design. HIFI professional stereo, professional fever headphones, to bring you superior sound quality.

    Headphones with subwoofer

    Wireless Bluetooth headset design in appearance is very low key, with a strong element of calm, but without losing the monotonous, head round earmuffs design, lightweight texture, matte finish, looks very texture.

    Bluetooth headset

    Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset, get rid of the wired trouble, use up to 40 hours, all day listening, ear pads with a comfortable cushion, can be adjusted freely fit for everyday use.

    Wireless Bluetooth headset

    32mm drive with its strong features, the human voice, opera, violin, piano, concerto and so restore better, as if listening to the scene to enjoy the real music.

    Earplugs beats headphones ear hanging car call

    Hanging ear car pick up the phone, Bluetooth headset 4.0 stereo car, Bluetooth headset.

    Bluetooth Headphones Neckband Wireless Stereo Binocular

    Wireless Bluetooth free mobile, lightweight design fit the neck, green silicone skin design, long life, metal sound cavity, strong compatibility, fashion sports equipment!

    2017-11-15 09:54:11
  • Own player headphones enjoy the ultimate experience of 8G lossless music
    With the speaker almost, the unit can be said that the headset is the most important part of the current mainstream products, mainly divided into the following three units.

    beats headphones cheap Moving coil unit

    At present, most of the headphones belong to this category. The same principle with the general speaker, the coil driven by the signal current diaphragm vibration. However, headphone unit, diaphragm edge directly fixed on the drive unit. Diaphragm with folds, relying on the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm material and the vibration of the fold to sound, the choice of diaphragm material and the shape of a great impact on the sound quality. Dynamic headphones are the most common headphones

    Moving iron unit

    Also known as balanced armature unit. The use of electromagnets to produce alternating magnetic field, while the vibration part is suspended in front of an electromagnet iron sheet. When the signal passes through the cheap beats headphones electromagnet, the magnetic field of the electromagnet will be changed and the iron will vibrate and sound. The advantages of this technology are long life, high efficiency, but the shortcomings of distortion and narrow frequency response. Moving iron units are mostly used in in-ear headphones

    Electrostatic cell

    Also known as electrostatic plane diaphragm. This is the conductor (common material is aluminum alloy) coils directly plated, printed on a very thin (a few microns) plastic film. And plastic film as electrostatic field. When the signal through the coil cutting electric field to drive the diaphragm vibration sound. The advantage of this technique is good linearity, low distortion, and high frequency and fast response, but the low frequency is poor, and expensive. Appearance, static headphones unit with moving coil unit similar

    New technology "ear bone sound transmission

    Under normal circumstances, the sound is relying on the vibration of the air directly into the inner ear through the tympanic membrane in the ears and most headphones are based on this principle. However, ear bone headphones, not straight into the ear canal unit, but the use of human skin and bone vibration, the sound directly to the inner ear of the human skull in order to sense the sound.

    As the user does not have to use the tympanic membrane to sense the sound, so audiophiles can also beats headphones cheap hear the sound, and this ear-bone conduction headset, both high quality and soundproof, but the value is more expensive.

    2017-11-13 10:05:13
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