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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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Unparalleled Sound Innovation
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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Headphones begin to burn beginners, these headphones are worth considering
    As we all know, headphones burn money is a bottomless hole, some people often invested large sums of money but failed to get satisfactory results, and sometimes heard but found no difference, or even before the good, if there is such a sense that it is right , Who let it be a pit money thing?

    Portable folding pressure headphones are very classic, 126dB sensitivity with mobile phone playback can produce satisfactory results. As a headset positioning less than 400 yuan, it's bass hypertrophy, mellow mellow, treble beats by dre cheap slightly darker, suitable for some like to listen to popular, rock music people.

    beats earphones A lower-priced neck-mounted sports Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth version 4.1, connection distance is about 10 meters, supports SBC, AAC codec, but does not support Aptx or LDAC transmission technology, cheap beats by dre this is a little regret. The headset has a low volume and a good sense of layering, but there is some noise at the end and there is no feeling of it when listening to music. Suitable for bass and sports fitness users taste.

    This is a monitor-grade earphone for fever. It has an environmental noise suppression effect. The sound quality is on the lower middle plate. The sharpness is high and the sound is strong. The medium and high frequency is bright and hearty. It is a very suitable earphone for listening to popular tuning. .

    This entry-level portable headset for ordinary music lovers praised a lot in foreign countries, the outer layer of the spray process is very delicate texture, built-in Bluetooth standard 4.1 version, support for APT-X and AAC encoding / decoding, which in terms of sound quality It can guarantee that there will be no obvious difference between wireless and wired input and meet the consumer demand of this price range.

    The tri-band of this headset is relatively balanced, and it is not outstanding. The addition of the LDAC encoding technology enables the headset to be upgraded from the standard Bluetooth 20-20kHz to 20-40kHz and can transmit compressed audio files at 990kbps and can transmit up to 24bit/96kHz. High-quality audio files, so there is no problem transmitting lossless audio (16bit/44.1kHz), a good choice for Bluetooth at this price point.

    Bluetooth headsets, how can you get Beats less, this headset is also joined the Apple W1 Apple "core", able to share seamlessly with Apple devices sharing iCloud, also supports 40 hours of battery life, very powerful . In terms of sound quality performance, the three-band basic balance also performed well in terms of resolution, sound field, and density.

    The above three paragraphs are suitable for friends of all stages of burning. The earphone does not have to be very high-end, but the low-end headphone effect can not keep up. If you must be priced, choose a starter headset with a thousand yuan or so to start burning. It is neither cheap nor burdensome for the economy. I hope the above content can help you.

    2018-04-19 10:00:37
  • What kind of Bluetooth headset is best? 2018 the most authoritative Bluetooth headset ranking
    With the emergence of sports and fitness boom wireless Bluetooth headset, less the shackles of wired headphones, so that consumers can enjoy music more easily. However, many novice friends will ask, what kind of Bluetooth headset is best? Let's give you a good introduction to the 2018 Bluetooth headset brand worth buying.

    This bluetooth earphone is the most popular online red fashion earphone in China. With the sound quality and comfort comparable to that of a thousand yuan high-end earphones, as well as the price of close to the people, this headset will soon win the hearts of many headset enthusiasts. Was rated as the most cost-effective Bluetooth headset of the year.

    The degree of professionalism is high, and the official flagship quality and experience are the main ones. From the configuration of the earphones, it can be seen that not only the Qualcomm CSR8645 chip, 11MM moving coil unit, and nano-diaphragm metal composite diaphragm are used. In terms of comfort, it has established its own in-ear database and has its own patented invention of comfort.

    Now many high-end headsets have high profits. In fact, the cost-effectiveness is extremely low, and more costs are spent on advertising. The JEET headset is the main price to enjoy light and extravagant, more advertising costs for product development and production, giving users the best experience. It is also because of this professional and persistent, so that JEET headset can quickly stand in the majority of user psychology. At present, JEET headphones not only have beats by dre cheap a good reputation in the digital circle, and are extremely popular in the net red fashion circle. Many people in the trend have taken photos and recommendations, which is a major fashion brand for Bluetooth headsets.

    beats earphones This cheap beats headphones Bluetooth headset looks very stylish and bold, with a youthful feel. The collar is made of silicone material, which is very flexible and can fit the user's neck better. And the silicone material is very light, can reduce the burden of wear.

    The most proud is the main spin lock technology, strong stability when wearing. Even strong exercise can prevent it from falling off. This headset has a strong sense of keys and is very conducive to blind operation.

    The overall design of this Bluetooth headset is very beautiful. The back cover of the chamber is made beats headphones of metal material. With the burgundy coating, it is very fashionable.

    2018-04-17 09:57:04
  • Do not know these headphones, actually still dare to say that he is a music enthusiast?
    From the wear design is very user-friendly, elastic silicone material neck wear part, to provide a natural curvature of the neck when wearing comfort, and effective non-slip. Listen to music for a long time and call and feel comfortable. The lightweight ear size makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of beats by dre wireless time, providing 4 different sizes of earbuds. According to your situation, choose the right size and get better sound insulation.

    This type of headset is also very suitable for you to wear, this Bluetooth headset is effective to prevent sweat, rain splash damage damaged components, worry-free sports from now on. 330 mAh Li-ion battery for long-term standby, listening to songs 24 hours a day. Magnetic earplugs will be cool to the end, comes with magnetic adsorption function for daily work.

    The high-definition sound quality of the Bluetooth Headset restores the details of the music, showing you the reason. The use of skin-friendly software silicone integrated molding, effectively prevent deformation. Storage is quick and easy without knots, and entertainment is easier. The shark fin design locates beats headphones the pinna and avoids falling. Side ear wear fit ear canal wear for a long time.

    Custom-grade sound chambers express more passion, using large-size 9.2mm dynamic dual-unit + biological diaphragm, which enhances bass's dive depth and makes bass rich and dynamic. Still worrying about not matching your device? You care about it. As long as there is Bluetooth, compatibility can be achieved. Bluetooth can be connected to talk, listen to music, watch videos, and support various mobile devices.

    beats solo The outstanding sports headphones are suitable for various scenarios. Running outdoors, exercising, going out to work, etc. are all your best companions. When you answer the phone, you can easily master the high-definition call so that the sound you hear is not compromised. About ten hours of play time is available at any time. More IOS systems support viewing headset power.

    Based on ergonomic in-ear design, this earphone has a classic appearance that conquers both male and female ears. Wear it firmly on the ear without falling, without hurting the ear, and enjoy the auditory feast of the original bass fever HIFI level. Using SRS audio processing, tuned by professional engineers, the sound quality is more clear and natural, giving you a better listening experience.

    Refusal to be cheap, insist on making high-quality headphones, in order to make the movement more passionate, with a large-size fever unit, 14.2 mm large diaphragm makes the sound strong, more suitable for promoting high-dynamic lossless music. Small interference and low distortion, bringing exceptional clarity to the voice quality of the call. The incoming caller has the function of reporting numbers and does not miss any important calls.

    Music fans, do beats solo you guys know these headphones? If you want to enjoy a high-quality music feast, these three headphones are more suitable for you.

    2018-04-12 09:47:08
  • Five headsets subvert your opinion of music!
    Advantages: 1, easy to promote, and foldable, compact, especially suitable for mobile phone music. 2, thick and full sound

    Summary: Compared with other brands of headphones with the same price, this headset is still highly recommended.

    The shock and momentum brought by the scene is still very worth remembering. For a high-end headset, K450 has a better grasp of pop and rock, slightly weaker in a noisy environment, once quiet, the sound field is very good .

    Advantages: 1, design avant-garde, comfortable to wear, fine craftsmanship, ergonomic design, use more comfortable. 2, product details processing is in place. 3, the treble performance is relatively bright, there is no boring bored feeling, the details of the performance is very good, more bright and bright. 4, very strong resolving power, female voice performance is very perfect.

    Summary: The design is flexible and the overall feeling is very tough, that is, the so-called man, with the exit is certainly very pull the wind. Fine workmanship is the life of the product, and innovation can be said to be beats by dre cheap beats by dre arbitrarily.

    The appearance is really big, the earphone soundproof effect is very good, and there is no in-ear type of depression, wearing more comfortable, wearing 2 to 3 hours do not feel the hoop head. The sound is gentle and delicate, and it doesn't feel tired for a long time. It is an ideal music earphone.

    Advantages: 1, vocal is a bright spot, especially listening to female voice. The sound of the beam. 2, good sound insulation, sound field is wide enough, watching movie effects thief stick. 3, the sound quality is elastic. 4, the appearance is very coquettish

    Summary: The three tones are clear, some are good, workmanship is beats by dre on sale good, and the price is low. Suitable for start, will not be disappointed.

    The appearance is very coquettish, although there is still room for improvement in wearing comfortable reading, the high frequency is very beautiful, the girls are clear, and the sound of pushing galgame (beauty girl game) can make juice.

    Advantages: 1. Appearance is not enough, this is Sony's tradition. 2, wearing comfort is OK, two hours can basically meet. 3, enough low-frequency, feeling control is not very good, the dive can only say medium level. 4, three frequency just right.

    cheap beats Summary: If it is bass control, it is worth entering. Personally think that it belongs to the kind of earphone that listens and listens to more and more people. For this price point, all factors are combined. Personally think that it is suitable for listening to dj, rock and pop.

    Soundproofing is great, appearance is more love, wear is also very comfortable.

    2018-04-10 09:52:40
  • 2018 popular in-ear headphones, driving sports super convenient, you deserve to have
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  • Beginners, advanced, top, third gear into the headset conscience recommended
  • Beginners, advanced, top, third gear into the headset conscience recommended
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  • Do not pick a good phone headset, love technology for beats by dre studio mobile beats by dre studio phones to create high-quality headphones!
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