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2018 popular in-ear headphones, driving sports super convenient, you deserve to have
Sports have become the hottest label of the moment, from stars to melons, and the sun seems to be the most proud thing in social platforms. At the same time, sports equipment has attracted more attention, from running shoes to clothing, all without exception. Today, I recommend a bluetooth headset to sports people, hoping to provide a reference for everyone to choose sports Bluetooth headsets.

Lead the future. The main product of this product is the fashionable sports tidal goods, packaging is very delicate, while there is a courier box outside, at the same time, there is a product box, the box design is mainly yellow and black, looks simple, beautiful, headphones have black and White, I started this time with black, color boys and girls are suitable for use. Sporty design, unique workmanship, so you have the most different headphones, the real best product.

beats by dre studio High-quality sound quality restores the original appearance of music. Because it is tangible, it is more versatile and versatile, allowing you to enjoy the sensation of music brought to your ears at any time. The mellow bass restores the immediate effect. Long standby, exquisite appearance, compatible with a variety of mobile phones, Bluetooth technology experience, small and exquisite, lightweight body. Freedom to choose, answer the phone, chat, listen to music, enjoy.

Sound card compatibility is very stable, the bottom is very small, playback sound and details are very good, people have some surprises, the quality of the headset unit can still be. Voice clarity, 85 sensitivity levels + noise filtering can be used in very noisy environments such as KFC YY. The environmental sound effects performed well in the new drive, and World of Warcraft will have a very memorable replay experience when it comes to environmental sound effects. Easy line control, a key to open / close wheat, adjust the volume practical.

Suitable for home, texture, voice clarity, good surround sound, rich sound details, headphone unit quality is still there, the treble is not sharp, IF relatively concave, vocal is not prominent, low frequency comparison to force. It should be noted that the first time you plug in your headset, you will hear your own voice and ambient sound. The solution is to "play the device - Logitech sound card beats by dre studio (not Mai) - attribute level - the cheap beats by dr dre microphone is muted, so that we can listen Less than their own voice.