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7 headphones that will enter, the super cool sound quality, used once addictive
Wireless in-ear Bluetooth headset

Has a super cool appearance design. High-quality sound, restore the original appearance of the music. Because tangible, so it is more stylish. Wireless in-ear design, a cable, the use of flu, easy to win, you can use a long time, the sound quality is also ultra-clear.

Headset winding box hub donut silicone curling box

Home headphone cable or data cable will feel particularly messy, a storage reel, so that home or travel is not messy, so that the headset is easy to carry. Silica gel non-toxic material, cute donut shape, simple and stylish, to a warm feeling, and easy to use, storage trigger.

Modern Car Bluetooth MP3 Player Music Car Charger

beats headphones on sale This versatile vehicle is now very popular, very brisk shape, function is quite powerful, not only allows you to easily listen to music in the car to answer the phone, you can also charge the phone, in one fell swoop. Has a powerful Bluetooth car MP3, a plug and play, you can play the phone directly cheap beats connected to Bluetooth, the fancy LCD screen more sense of technology.

Headphones Sport Bluetooth Headphones Headphones

Large-capacity battery, the use of more durable, sports new style of the classic style. Delicate taste design, driving more convenient to use, to create business miracle of Bluetooth.

Universal in-ear ear style

Thousands of rare, high school low-frequency are impressive details of the performance of "HIFI" type sports Bluetooth headset, and the price of less than 500. Very competitive! This is the best Bluetooth earbud I've ever heard, and I'm sure it will be an important force in the Bluetooth market in 2018.

Wireless mini hanging ear business driving earplugs

This 3.5mm interface millet noise-canceling headphones, sensitivity 100db / mW, impedance 32锟斤拷, frequency response range 20 ~ 40000Hz, low resistance light push is entirely for mobile phone hardware and was born. Meet different needs of households. Also randomly presented a gray soft velvet cheap beats by dr dre pouch, used to store daily headphones.