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7 top headsets, I only like these few
Every voice is clearly restored, and even every percussion action of the performer can be seen. It is worthy of being the 15th-year flagship monitor of LaoRie. It has high loyalty to the voice, so each music can be heard and heard. To the sound, as a professional headset, this is done.

Located on recording monitors, live monitors, mixing, DJ headphones, and more. In the same period, it began to produce and manufacture hd25, and it has been placed at the top of the product line of small unit closed headphones. The hd25 can be said to be a legendary headphone for live monitoring and studio monitoring.

beats solo This headset itself is positioned to carry street headphones, the quality of the headset is very light. Although it is a pressure ear, it is comfortable to wear. The headphone cord is a normal 1.2m cord (most headphones are 3m cords). Limited to the cost, the accessories only have a portable storage bag. Well, I threw it on the first day of my purchase. For this headset there is a very regrettable defect, that is, there is no microphone, which is the only place. In terms of warranty, AKG gave a 2 year warranty, so everyone can use this headset with confidence.

Positioning is very clear pop rock songs, so the vocal modification is very good, there is no burr of vocals, there is a AKG unique milk silky taste, dry cold heard on many high-end headphones does not exist on this headset . Low-volume but larger dive (the price of the headset can not be too much) to listen to the sound of drums in pop rock kind of stormy feeling. The treble extension is quite general. Of course, this is not a problem for me, who does not listen to musical instruments. In cheap beats by dr dre short: It is a very good pop rock voice headset, with a very good vocal and low frequency of modification, plus a huge sound field and a good sense of transparency.

As an extension of the product. It retains its predecessor's beats headphones noise reduction benefits, superior wireless Bluetooth sound and ultra-comfortable design. If the battery runs out, you can switch to work in wired mode. (No noise reduction in this case, just ordinary headphones)

You can use Siri on your iPhone and use the same battery life (up to 20 hours) in wireless mode. If the battery runs out, you can still use the passive mode headphones (which sounds good) and you can plug in the power cable as needed.

It is easy to use, the right ear cup is volume, audio track and power control, the left ear cup has a USB power connector, 3.5mm jack. Meet the wireless and wired needs.