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After listening to 1000 songs, I did not expect that the best Bluetooth headset is still this
This headset uses the most popular hanging neck design, suitable for multiple scenarios such as sports, leisure and travel only. The classic retro design and neck straps wrapped in real leather are not only comfortable to wear, but also full of texture. Even if you wear the Jazz R5 to attend some important business occasions, it will not be unexpected.

The U.S. patented oval-shaped earbuds are designed to use comfortably and naturally, and even users do not feel the presence of earplugs, allowing users to truly devote themselves to the music environment, enjoy music and enjoy life. At the same time, there is a strong noise reduction effect, when travelling on business, bring R5 to better relax and enjoy music, not to be disturbed by the external environment.

In terms of sound quality, the Cheesi R5 uses an innovative 5mm micro drive unit to consolidate Klipsch's 70 years of sophisticated sound quality into a tiny earphone, ensuring a small sound chamber with good sound quality, with Bluetooth supporting aptX and AAC audio technology. 4.0, so that the sound quality of wireless headphones can also achieve the same level of wired headphones, enjoy the music without binding.

This is completely customized for music enthusiasts, regardless of design or sound quality, have reached the HiFi level. Solid wood ear cups and sheepskin ear cushions bring not only the texture of the flagship product, but also a better sense of resonance, the sound quality is more transparent.

In addition to the traditional 3.5mm audio jack accident, it also comes with a 6.35mm conversion head, allowing enthusiasts to add more professional equipment. As for sound quality, the 52mm Biodynami beats by dre wireless unit is embedded, allowing consumers to really feel the charm of 70-acoustic accumulation. Because it is for super HiFi enthusiasts, do not do too much to introduce here, you want to feel the flagship headset charm, you can go to the scene to experience the video festival.

cheap beats This is an entry Bluetooth sports headset, weighing only 35g, the basic process of the movement can not feel the existence of this headset, up to 20 hours of battery life, even if running a full marathon do not have to worry about. In addition, this Bluetooth headset also supports NFC connection, as long as the smart phone with the same NFC function can be touched to complete the connection, very convenient, suitable for friends with a limited budget to start.

For beats by dre sale those who haven锟斤拷t contacted Bluetooth headsets, I strongly recommend starting with a Bluetooth headset. The feeling of being unrestrained by the wires and enjoying music without any restrictions is really beautiful.