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Beginners, advanced, top, third gear into the headset conscience recommended
Double-acting ring unit, in-ear monitor earphones, changeable, easy to drive. The vocals are full of natural and rich details. There is no general low-frequency headset bloated low-frequency, the overall sound clean and clear, more suitable for listening to vocal music, singer emotional depiction is very delicate.

The cavity made of aluminum and ABS plastic is durable cheap beats by dr dre and unique. Each unit has two signal lines, which can lead to a more clean and stable signal transmission.

beats by dre on sale Double acting coil unit, two-wire drive, opposite unit structure. With a unique and low frequency, the atmosphere is very good and the sound is solid and full. Suitable for listening to European and American male voices and electric tones, the rich and full voice of many men's voices is very tasteful in the rendering of the c820.

Similar to the appearance of a custom earphone, the design of the changeable cable has different sounds under different wires. The quality of beats by dre cheap the headphones is remarkable at this price, and two American buildings' moving iron units are responsible for the intermediate frequency and high frequency respectively. The 10mm moving coil unit is responsible for the low frequencies and is better able to restore the sound characteristics of different frequency bands.

Circle iron headphones, three units three frequency, can change lines, can change private mode. The private model can be better adapted to the contours of the individual's ear canal, making it more comfortable to wear. The tune of gray sharks makes it perform well on instrumental music types, and the harmonics of violin and other stringed instruments are reproduced very realistically, which sounds sweet and natural.

The appearance has become a lot more rounded compared to the previous generation, and the workmanship has also been slightly improved over the previous generation, more refined, and the wearing has become more comfortable.

Can be changed line design, low frequency adjustable design. The unique and professional tuning gives the IE80s a unique reproduction of small-format music. The wide sound field and precise positioning can be used to simulate the arrangement of the instruments and the sound characteristics. The melodious feeling of jazz is very attractive under the IE80s.

Can change the line design, can change the conduit tune design, four moving iron unit, exclusive patented low pass filter technology. The high sensitivity brought by the physical characteristics of the moving iron unit has a clear, natural and transparent sound style. The restoration of the human voice is true and delicate, and the sound field positioning is precise and neat. Various popular vocal performances are harmonious and natural, and they are very resistant to hearing.

The better the headset is, the better the listening experience, but the front end and the sound source are also very critical factors. A good headset is just the beginning. You can't just listen beats by dre wireless to your phone. When you put on a good front end, you will find that listening to music is really a matter of happiness.