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Both sound quality and personality, these four mainstream headphones make you push the grid to enhance
With the development of the times in recent years, the standard of living of everybody has also been increasing. Therefore, more and more people have learned to enjoy life, and headphones are one of them. So, if you want to buy a good headset, how should you choose? It's better to follow Xiaobian me. Let's take beats earbuds a look at the choices of young people, both sound quality and personality.

Wired in-ear headphones fit your rhythm and use superb acoustic design to give you an extraordinary listening experience. Excellent ergonomic design, comfortable fit, suitable for wearing all day; also equipped with anti-tangled flat cable and magnetic earbuds, easy to carry around, allowing you to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Is a wireless headset, built-in infrared sensor in the headset can automatically recognize whether the headset can be played automatically in the ear, while you can control the Siri control by double-clicking. Life 5 hours, bring headphones to play music automatically, beam microphone beats by dre wireless is better, double-click the headset to open Siri, the charging box supports 24-hour battery life, and the connection is also very simple, you only need to open to allow iPhone to automatically identify.

cheap beats by dre As a new generation of flagship headphones, it uses titanium alloy rear suspension and a special ultra-thin two-color injection molding process, weighs only 30 grams, and Trekz Air surface is all made of skin-friendly rubber material, the texture is very delicate. In addition, the 6-hour battery life and IP55 waterproof rating are important weights for a professional sports headset.

In addition to a charging Mirco USB data cable, the accessories are normally paired with four additional silicone earbuds, one of which is a memory soft sponge cover similar to Comply's noise reduction earplugs. There is also a filter inside the sponge cover. Reduces sound leakage. The black box is a standard leather charging storage box for all wireless headphones, which is convenient for users to carry around and charge the Beoplay E8.

In short, for the headset evaluation, both in terms of sales, or in its degree of concern, are undoubtedly not an objective thing, but really want to buy a good headset, the key is to look really suitable for their own.