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Break the shackles and keep your body free from getting trapped by you
Wireless headphones into our lives have been for some time, for a long time we think that the wireless headset is the headset beats by dre sale and playback device wireless connection via Bluetooth wireless headset, released in Apple's AirPods, split wireless headset began to become the industry's favorite, each Road manufacturers have begun to develop split-type headphones.

The split design of the headset makes the corresponding use of the headset more broadly, whether it is sports and fitness, travel or daily commute, the headphones are well qualified for these work scenes.

beats earbuds Get rid of the shackles

Split headphone cavity design, the real Bluetooth wireless transmission technology which use, to achieve a true sense of the wireless headphones, without the shackles of wire, everything is so free. In any scene, he can cope easily, wear him, as if the air is full of free atmosphere.

Comfortable and stable

Headphone cavity with ergonomic design, sleek, smooth surface transition lines, wearing a foreign body sensation greatly reduced. Full weight control in the headset about 14g, coupled with Bose ancestral StayHeart Sport shark fin silicone earplugs, headphones, running, fitness and other intense exercise headphones beats headphones on sale will not accidental drop. Its super Q bombing material allows the silicone shark fin to ensure sound and stability of the headphones while taking into account the comfort, enjoy the charm of music in the movement.


The biggest enemy of electronic products is the liquid invasion. Equipped with IPX4 waterproof, the headphone is well-suited to hold the fluid out of the way, guaranteeing a dry and stable operation inside the headphone, no matter whether the sweat flows during exercise or the advent of sudden rain. Not bad headphones dip, exercise no worries, let go, enjoy sweat.

Multi-purpose storage box

Earphone size and coins are similar, the internal components are highly integrated, even so, the headset itself life is only 5 hours, good gift box is not just a protective storage box, the internal add a 530mAh lithium battery, the headset can provide 10 hours Life, to ensure that headphones have sufficient vitality.