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Constellation recommended a few cost-effective headphones!
The accelerated pace of life makes himself more and more impulsive, and even their own favorite things can not make themselves happy. Especially when watching a movie with a computer, inexplicable wants fast forward. This problem has bothered myself for a long time, is it only in the cinema to allow themselves to relax into the scene to feel the pain and pleasure of the film's people?

Headphones have done so many years, the quality is not necessary to doubt. Closed design, so that when you watch the movie will not disturb the people around. 40mm size of the unit, the sound reduction still has no small advantage. And compared to the traditional moving coil unit, nano-scale carbon nanotube diaphragm in the low frequency also bring a greater amount of flu and texture.

This price, good enough low frequency in the movie has been able to bring a lot of surprises, shell sound, car crash sound, explosion sound, a sufficient amount of flu, as if feeling around, it is easy to bring themselves into To stimulate the scene to go.

The open structure gives a more natural sound, but the surroundings are awkward if someone is there. 50mm size unit full of sincerity, tri-band is very balanced, the HIFI headphones can be considered a good standard. When watching movies, the most obvious feeling is that the sound field will be larger, similar to the feeling of multichannel sound, the footsteps of troops marching, the sounds of shells coming from afar, and the more immersive feeling.

This headset since the listing of many fans at home and abroad have been respected as audio and video "artifact." Seven years have passed, the latest version has also been listed, and recently there are activities, the Bank of China more than 700 prices can be income cysts, is a very good time.

If you simply listen to songs may not be very satisfactory, but watching movies is really good, thick earmuffs bring very comfortable, 2 hours down will not feel very hot. Sound field and positioning are accurate, spatial sense is great, the voice of the characters in the movie, put the sound of things, clear and clean, a good immersive experience.

beats headphones on sale Good analytic positioning, can better restore the various voices in the movie, especially musicals, moving music in the movie, the contrast of the 990 is more pleasing to the eye. Even if you do not have to watch movies just to listen to songs, are a commendable headset. Strengthen the high-frequency and low frequency, can bring a good sense of atmosphere when watching movies, sharp rubbing collision sound, sensational explosion sound, personal cheap beats by dr dre boxing hit the fist to the feeling of meat, can have a more realistic than ordinary headphones reduction.

A good headset will give you a better viewing experience at home, and it would be nice if you had a screen that was big enough for clarity.