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Do not know these headphones, actually still dare to say that he is a music enthusiast?
From the wear design is very user-friendly, elastic silicone material neck wear part, to provide a natural curvature of the neck when wearing comfort, and effective non-slip. Listen to music for a long time and call and feel comfortable. The lightweight ear size makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of beats by dre wireless time, providing 4 different sizes of earbuds. According to your situation, choose the right size and get better sound insulation.

This type of headset is also very suitable for you to wear, this Bluetooth headset is effective to prevent sweat, rain splash damage damaged components, worry-free sports from now on. 330 mAh Li-ion battery for long-term standby, listening to songs 24 hours a day. Magnetic earplugs will be cool to the end, comes with magnetic adsorption function for daily work.

The high-definition sound quality of the Bluetooth Headset restores the details of the music, showing you the reason. The use of skin-friendly software silicone integrated molding, effectively prevent deformation. Storage is quick and easy without knots, and entertainment is easier. The shark fin design locates beats headphones the pinna and avoids falling. Side ear wear fit ear canal wear for a long time.

Custom-grade sound chambers express more passion, using large-size 9.2mm dynamic dual-unit + biological diaphragm, which enhances bass's dive depth and makes bass rich and dynamic. Still worrying about not matching your device? You care about it. As long as there is Bluetooth, compatibility can be achieved. Bluetooth can be connected to talk, listen to music, watch videos, and support various mobile devices.

beats solo The outstanding sports headphones are suitable for various scenarios. Running outdoors, exercising, going out to work, etc. are all your best companions. When you answer the phone, you can easily master the high-definition call so that the sound you hear is not compromised. About ten hours of play time is available at any time. More IOS systems support viewing headset power.

Based on ergonomic in-ear design, this earphone has a classic appearance that conquers both male and female ears. Wear it firmly on the ear without falling, without hurting the ear, and enjoy the auditory feast of the original bass fever HIFI level. Using SRS audio processing, tuned by professional engineers, the sound quality is more clear and natural, giving you a better listening experience.

Refusal to be cheap, insist on making high-quality headphones, in order to make the movement more passionate, with a large-size fever unit, 14.2 mm large diaphragm makes the sound strong, more suitable for promoting high-dynamic lossless music. Small interference and low distortion, bringing exceptional clarity to the voice quality of the call. The incoming caller has the function of reporting numbers and does not miss any important calls.

Music fans, do beats solo you guys know these headphones? If you want to enjoy a high-quality music feast, these three headphones are more suitable for you.