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Do not pick a good phone headset, love technology for beats by dre studio mobile beats by dre studio phones to create high-quality headphones!
It is a standard big earphone. The fully enclosed earmuff can wrap the whole earphone. The soft elastic material fits the head closely. The leather brings excellent comfort. The sound insulation effect is better than any noise reduction earphone. . However, the large size also limits its mobility. Offices and dens are the best environments for use.

With a 2D shaft structure, the earmuff section can be rotated to a flat surface, but folding is not supported. The headphone cable can be replaced. The outside of the earmuffs adopts a frosted process, which has a distinct graininess. The finger sliding feels extremely smooth and there is no obvious resistance. The top is a concentric metal wire drawing process with a LOGO in the middle.

Below the left earphone provides a wire replacement interface: MINI-XLR interface design is a good news for music lovers who like tossing, upgrading the wire can get better sound quality. The interface uses a 3.5mm3 contact interface and the right side has a clear wire slot to hold the wire. The connectors are gold plated to ensure the connection's sensitivity and stability.

Totally enclosed soundproofing results from the superior material of the earmuffs. The interior is filled with a very soft sponge that can fit tightly against the skin without pressing hard. The surface of the cortex is also extremely soft and the baby's skin is very appropriate. It is the fine, soft, relaxed and comfortable feeling. The interior of the earmuffs is a speaker unit. In order to prevent dust from entering, a dustproof fabric is added. The arm part is made of aluminum alloy material with a frosted surface and the surface is the K550 logo. The rotating shaft supports a wide range of rotation, better fitting the curve of the head.

The head beam uses a scalable design with a 12-grid scale, adding up to a total of 24 on both sides for a variety of head shapes. Just pull a little harder and you will hear a crisp snap. An OFC wire of up to 3 meters in length is provided, which is beyond the scope of all portable earphones. The advantage is that the range of movement is greater, even if standing does not affect the use. The unexpected softness of the wire makes it easy to organize.

beats solo Using a steady black tone, with the head of the metal material, both the tough metal taste and bold style of a large arc, large corner, large earmuffs can achieve a closed sound insulation, not noise reduction headphones like noise reduction headset. The supple and supple cortex combined with the internal sponge enhances the comfort level; the 3-meter long wire satisfies any use environment. Can use a "big" word to describe, atmosphere, general trend, cheap beats headphones big tone, love.

Flexible but not too hard, with a soft sponge can fit more closely to the face, large earmuffs completely wrapped around the ears, can achieve the best sound insulation; skin-like leather brings excellent comfort, Although the black mating metal is noticeably cool, the feeling of wearing is warm and comfortable. I didn锟斤拷t even feel any discomfort for as long as ten hours of wear. I was totally immersed in music. Maybe this is what I call immersion.