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Even if you beats headphones on sale are shy in the bag, you still want to buy four small headphones
This small headset is seen as a flip-flop for reshaping the brand's image. In terms of appearance, the first feeling is very beautiful, the headphone cable looks very strong, and the sound insulation effect is very good. As for the stethoscope effect, personal feeling is not so serious, and the big brand really has two things.

Enthusiasts said that as soon as the headset is put on, the outside world will only have the sound in the headset. "The first time I discovered the songs that I often listen to, there are still details I haven't heard before." Surrounded by three-dimensional, immersive, stick stay. "Co-workers want to throw their own headphones in a circle!" Face this little headset less than a thousand dollars still sit it?

It is very simple and the color of local gold is bright. The earphone cavity size is right, anyone can wear it. The entire cavity is made of aluminum material and a matte metal texture will be seen in the near future. The side of the cavity has an oval structure and is accompanied by a circle of silver rings as an ornament.

The voice was opened, the resolving power was sufficient, and the sound basically reached the limit that the mobile phone could push. The cheap beats by dr dre mobile phone listening music can absolutely satisfy. The sound quality and the conversation are all very good. Wearing "chicken" is great. The surrounding sound is well-positioned, details are not leaking, and no longer afraid of LYB. And the wheat is very good, there is no problem with the exchange. In short, this headset played Jedi to survive, eating chicken without pressure slightly.

beats by dre sale This headset is located in the low-end moving iron headphones, sound is very good, this headset is still more delicate processing of vocals, this headset is still in the price or effect are in line with expectations. Tested for a while, the headset effect, loss of music in the confession balloon, clear voice, with subtle bass modification, particularly strong three-dimensional. In Taylor's mine, the female voice is nearly perfect, and the background music and vocal harmony are thorough and bright.

This headset follows a simple aesthetic, small ear size, simple but not simple. A 9mm drive unit is wrapped in a streamlined profile and a sufficient distance between the drive unit and the sound tube is ensured to achieve a high resolution sound quality experience. The unobtrusive simplicity of the cheap beats design is the core element that allows the small size to burst into the sound quality.

In terms of sound quality, you can use it to hear the sound quality above the CD, the buzz of pop music, the pulsating jazz rhythm, and the impact of rock and roll drums; we use advanced sound technology to pet your ears.

As a whole, they are all good. Each taste has its own merits. How to choose depends on personal habits.