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Five headsets subvert your opinion of music!
Advantages: 1, easy to promote, and foldable, compact, especially suitable for mobile phone music. 2, thick and full sound

Summary: Compared with other brands of headphones with the same price, this headset is still highly recommended.

The shock and momentum brought by the scene is still very worth remembering. For a high-end headset, K450 has a better grasp of pop and rock, slightly weaker in a noisy environment, once quiet, the sound field is very good .

Advantages: 1, design avant-garde, comfortable to wear, fine craftsmanship, ergonomic design, use more comfortable. 2, product details processing is in place. 3, the treble performance is relatively bright, there is no boring bored feeling, the details of the performance is very good, more bright and bright. 4, very strong resolving power, female voice performance is very perfect.

Summary: The design is flexible and the overall feeling is very tough, that is, the so-called man, with the exit is certainly very pull the wind. Fine workmanship is the life of the product, and innovation can be said to be beats by dre cheap beats by dre arbitrarily.

The appearance is really big, the earphone soundproof effect is very good, and there is no in-ear type of depression, wearing more comfortable, wearing 2 to 3 hours do not feel the hoop head. The sound is gentle and delicate, and it doesn't feel tired for a long time. It is an ideal music earphone.

Advantages: 1, vocal is a bright spot, especially listening to female voice. The sound of the beam. 2, good sound insulation, sound field is wide enough, watching movie effects thief stick. 3, the sound quality is elastic. 4, the appearance is very coquettish

Summary: The three tones are clear, some are good, workmanship is beats by dre on sale good, and the price is low. Suitable for start, will not be disappointed.

The appearance is very coquettish, although there is still room for improvement in wearing comfortable reading, the high frequency is very beautiful, the girls are clear, and the sound of pushing galgame (beauty girl game) can make juice.

Advantages: 1. Appearance is not enough, this is Sony's tradition. 2, wearing comfort is OK, two hours can basically meet. 3, enough low-frequency, feeling control is not very good, the dive can only say medium level. 4, three frequency just right.

cheap beats Summary: If it is bass control, it is worth entering. Personally think that it belongs to the kind of earphone that listens and listens to more and more people. For this price point, all factors are combined. Personally think that it is suitable for listening to dj, rock and pop.

Soundproofing is great, appearance is more love, wear is also very comfortable.