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Free from interference, quiet enjoy music! Noise reduction headphones evaluation
Like music, usually go to get off work with headphones are spent with me, but in the subway on the subway, it will inevitably be the surrounding noisy interference, open the volume it right ear is not good, so I began to pay attention now increasingly popular noise-canceling headphones .

This noise-canceling headphone model H15, the packaging with silver and black collocation style, looks very calm atmosphere. As can be seen from the figure on the side, this headset's line-control module and noise reduction module are designed separately.

Opened the lid, directly into the eye is the headset, the amount, but also to see this noise reduction controller, the appearance is quite pretty.

All accessories for the headset are placed in this pouch, including two (two sizes) of spare earplugs, a charging cable with a Micro USB beats by dre cheap connector, and an airplane adapter. Including the storage bag, accessories are still very rich drops.

Comes with the earplugs and headphones that comes with the pair is actually three sizes, we can choose according to need to change. This is a very soft silicone, feel very skin-friendly in the hands, the above wings can play a supporting role in fixing, you can wear more stable.

In the headphones attached to the aircraft audio converter head I'd first met, but for me on a business trip, this stuff is really useful, we can see the manufacturers are still very hard.

Let's take a closer look at this pair of headphones, it is mainly black color, from the appearance of the most compelling of course, or noise reduction control module, the above design of a big metal wind button, looks very on the grade.

beats headphones on sale Headphone cable is now popular braided cable, anti-winding anti-pull can be dragged, the above is also attached with cable clamps and lapels, the details considered very thoughtful.

Noise-canceling headphone wire-controlled design is very compact, the key feel is very clear, moderate feedback, where the addition and subtraction is used to control the volume, while the middle of the button can be controlled by the number of keys to play and song switching.

Overall, the bass double-moving coil noise-canceling headphone gave me the impression that it was very good. It looks beautiful atmosphere, accessories, rich in detail; its flagship noise reduction effect is obvious, it is suitable for use in outdoor environments. And then the sound quality is remarkable, especially the bass boost, enjoy the magnificent soundtrack actually make me feel the shock from the big sound, which is due to its outstanding in bass which performed. Lastly, I would like to talk about its battery life. In the fully charged condition, it can continuously reduce noise for dozens of hours. According to my frequency of use, it can basically be recharged every half a month, which is quite powerful. Lastly, I would like to make some suggestions. It is advisable to design a dust plug for the beats by dre cheap charging port to make the details more perfect!