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Handsome! Enjoy the ultra-shocking bass sound, headset is recommended
This headset uses a more atmospheric leather design, does not give you beats earbuds the slightest discomfort. You can use a longer charge, long battery life, comfortable and soft solid head beam, so you have a more soft and comfortable wearing experience. Artificial leather wrapped in your ears, to ensure long-term listening can always be comfortable, but also effectively isolated from the outside noise.

beats by dre cheap Extremely simple and stylish appearance, with a body color to bring a strong visual impact, using ergonomic streamlined design for a comfortable feel, the use of high-quality earmuff material, comfortable to use, do not squeeze the ear to fit Wear for a long time, with flexible nodes can achieve rapid contraction easier to carry.

In the fuselage equipped with a 40mm neodymium magnetic unit to a substantial increase in magnetic flux product's driving force, it has a greater dynamic range, which in 10HZ-22KHZ frequency response to provide users with high-resolution Sound quality, and show a rich sound detail. With the closed structure of the fuselage used, with excellent sound insulation, to provide users with immersive listening experience.

With sufficient magnetic flux can significantly enhance the driving force, it can get 5-40000HZ frequency response range, which can give users in the whole band tri-band balanced sound and rich sound details. Coupled with its use of solid wood shell, can present a pure high-frequency response. With the enclosed design of the beats solo fuselage, with excellent sound insulation, can give the user an immersive listening experience.