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Headphones begin to burn beginners, these headphones are worth considering
As we all know, headphones burn money is a bottomless hole, some people often invested large sums of money but failed to get satisfactory results, and sometimes heard but found no difference, or even before the good, if there is such a sense that it is right , Who let it be a pit money thing?

Portable folding pressure headphones are very classic, 126dB sensitivity with mobile phone playback can produce satisfactory results. As a headset positioning less than 400 yuan, it's bass hypertrophy, mellow mellow, treble beats by dre cheap slightly darker, suitable for some like to listen to popular, rock music people.

beats earphones A lower-priced neck-mounted sports Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth version 4.1, connection distance is about 10 meters, supports SBC, AAC codec, but does not support Aptx or LDAC transmission technology, cheap beats by dre this is a little regret. The headset has a low volume and a good sense of layering, but there is some noise at the end and there is no feeling of it when listening to music. Suitable for bass and sports fitness users taste.

This is a monitor-grade earphone for fever. It has an environmental noise suppression effect. The sound quality is on the lower middle plate. The sharpness is high and the sound is strong. The medium and high frequency is bright and hearty. It is a very suitable earphone for listening to popular tuning. .

This entry-level portable headset for ordinary music lovers praised a lot in foreign countries, the outer layer of the spray process is very delicate texture, built-in Bluetooth standard 4.1 version, support for APT-X and AAC encoding / decoding, which in terms of sound quality It can guarantee that there will be no obvious difference between wireless and wired input and meet the consumer demand of this price range.

The tri-band of this headset is relatively balanced, and it is not outstanding. The addition of the LDAC encoding technology enables the headset to be upgraded from the standard Bluetooth 20-20kHz to 20-40kHz and can transmit compressed audio files at 990kbps and can transmit up to 24bit/96kHz. High-quality audio files, so there is no problem transmitting lossless audio (16bit/44.1kHz), a good choice for Bluetooth at this price point.

Bluetooth headsets, how can you get Beats less, this headset is also joined the Apple W1 Apple "core", able to share seamlessly with Apple devices sharing iCloud, also supports 40 hours of battery life, very powerful . In terms of sound quality performance, the three-band basic balance also performed well in terms of resolution, sound field, and density.

The above three paragraphs are suitable for friends of all stages of burning. The earphone does not have to be very high-end, but the low-end headphone effect can not keep up. If you must be priced, choose a starter headset with a thousand yuan or so to start burning. It is neither cheap nor burdensome for the economy. I hope the above content can help you.