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Headphones enthusiasts, how much degree do you burn?

Listen so pleasant things, do some people do not like it? Morning work, stuffed with headphones, the noise on the road away from the wind; evening get off work, stuffed with headphones, all day fatigue is also clean. In this fast-paced era, many people have lost the right to choose hobbies, but listening to the song at any time to start the way of relaxation is who can not be deprived. I am also a person who is extremely love songs, whether it is usually out or working hours, ears are always indispensable stuffed with two headphones. But also because of love songs, so the choice of headphones will have some requirements, but the face of the market a variety of listening equipment, and how to choose? Headphones are very delicate and flexible one headset, ear hanging cable to provide suitable for anyone to wear, to ensure that the headset can be fixed in place, fine close to the ear sets can provide a good sound isolation. So whether it is sports or rest, this headset can create your own beautiful sounds of the song. With long battery life, you can stand for 20 days, lightweight body, comfortable to wear, you can rotate 180 degrees, with beats earphones high-definition call function, dual noise reduction function. According to ergonomic design curvature, headset fit the beats earphones ear

Can be beats by dr dre used to answer and end the call, can also operate music or video pause or play, built-in high-quality omnidirectional directional microphone, call the effect of excellent, rotating folding, easy to carry headset bass headphones. This headset sound quality is very beats by dre cheap good, 40mm speaker unit with imported bio-composite diaphragm, to better transmission of sound quality, earmuffs position also made improved design, free to adjust the angle, so you wear more comfortable, the appearance is also very stylish , Nice headphones.