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Headset knowledge entry headset structure

Headset shell and ear pad design is linked, the shell closed headphones are generally around the ear ear pads, shell open headphones are common ear ear ear pads. Earplugs are divided into plug and heel, the latter beats headphones with a rubber jacket or seal, can provide good sound insulation performance.

1 open headphones

Headphones are open, ear pads can be around the ear or pressure ear type, light weight, comfortable to wear, because it is open, low frequency will leak, the outside noise will enter, when the sound is relatively large, the sound of the Leakage is more serious, the outside world can hear, you can also feed the microphone. It beats by dre sounds natural, no pressure, low frequency accurate.

If the headset is open to a high degree, you can hear the other side of the unit issued a sound, the formation of a certain feedback, making a sense of natural.

There is not always mentioned semi-open headphones, it is not clearly defined, one beats solo of which is in the high frequency band is open, work in the low frequency band is closed, so there can be a natural sense of hearing and good Low-frequency response; another headset on the outside world is open, you can enter, and the sound leak is very small; cheap beats some people also open the shell around the ear headphones called semi-open headphones.