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Like the bass, to force strong low-frequency headphones recommended!
For ordinary people, choose a headset, either choose a beautiful appearance, or choose a sound that is bright enough. Next, we recommend several excellent low-frequency headphones. So why recommend low-frequency earphones for everyone? The reason is that it can well meet everyone's listening to fast-paced music such as rock, but also the most likely to restore the atmosphere of the scene. However, the low frequency is not the heavier the better, good and good low frequency must be a good balance in texture and sense of volume, will not make people feel head.

The design is very much like a capsule, full of simple, avant-garde technology elements. The main body of the earphone is made of aluminum alloy and engineering plastic. While ensuring the lightness, it also improves the overall texture. In the selection of the unit, this headset uses a "moving iron + moving coil" unit structure design, to the dynamic iron unit responsible for high frequency, dynamic circle unit responsible for the low-frequency. It ensures the ability to describe the sound. It has high sensitivity and good transient performance. It can extend the high beats by dre sale frequency and highlight the dynamic and instantaneous details of music.

In order to ensure that the user is not painful for a long time, a full in-ear style of wearing is adopted. The entire earplug is horizontally placed in the outer ear space. The sound nozzle adopts a bevel ear-in-ear design to avoid swelling of the inner ear canal and the cavity is rounded. The exterior design uses a plastic material on the side close to the ear to avoid the cold touch when worn in cold weather. The earphone is equipped with 3 pairs of FDA food grade silicone earmuffs and 1 pair of silicone cavity sleeves. By putting the sleeve of the earphone shell on the skin and Q bomb shell, the size of the earphone can be adjusted, so that the earphone can be worn on the outer ear. More comfortable.

Bayesian patented Tesla unit is used to provide high detail resolution. The totally enclosed design can effectively isolate external environmental noise and create a quiet and comfortable listening environment. Headphones in particular strengthen the details and sense of the midrange, playing popular vocals with a very natural and real sense of hearing. The low frequency is beats by dre full of energy and is suitable for listening to various types of popular songs.

The craftsmanship is precise and detailed. The shell is a metal wire drawing process. The improved cable has more stable performance and tensile strength, and the surface material has been made smooth and wear-resistant to reduce noise conduction. The headphone is designed with a metal head with adjustable length and rotatable angle. The earmuffs are soft and comfortable. The foldable design is more convenient for users to carry around.

beats headphones cheap Although it is a dynamic earplug, it has a tendency to move iron earplugs. The high-frequency transparency is very high and the details are blowing. The vocal image is accurate, moderate in distance, and relatively moist, but the control of the tooth sound is slightly worse. SPHEAR's low-frequency performance is very good, texture and quantity sense is good, deep dive, full flexibility, surrounded by great sense, the overall clean, not dragging its feet.