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Most suitable for the New Year's gift in-ear headphones recommended
Headphone shell made of aluminum, texture touch is very good, the end of the shell has a very unique iron triangle LOGO, the process is very delicate. However, due to the use of metal materials, the weight of the headset significantly heavier than the plastic shell, but beats by dre on sale only from the appearance of CKR90 can be considered full of materials.

Tri-band more balanced, high frequency performance will be slightly prominent, the details are also very rich, horizontal and vertical sound field are larger. Vocal slightly prominent, strong sense of front. Overall good analytical power, excellent freshness, black background, there will be a stable psychological experience. As a price of about 1700 double-acting headphones, CKR90is details of the sound processing is still a lot more detail than the IM70.

Dual phase driver (13mmx2 with pure iron yoke) provides higher frequency response by reducing intermodulation distortion, aluminum ballast ensures linear diaphragm motion for high-resolution audio reproduction High-rigidity titanium housing Eliminates unnecessary resonance . Detachable 1.2-meter (3.9-inch) cable with newly developed A2DC (audio-design detachable coaxial) connector for headphone for superior durability and optimized audio performance Separate star for left and right channels The cable isolates external noise and channel crosstalk.

beats headphones cheap Has always been in the reputation of enthusiasts are considered very good, the overall reputation is better than the brand thousands of files moving iron LS and IM series, mainly easy to sound good, high sensitivity, very full IF and delicate high frequency performance . VGP range is also the gold medal price models, shape, texture, tuning are very classic. Direct link.

Which moving coil unit using 16mm aluminum LCP material, has a very good response, can render good bass, and increased the number of folds on the diaphragm, is beats by dre its deformation has a better control to reduce distortion ; As moving iron unit, it is to use Sony's own new T-shaped symmetrical armature and direct drive structure, further reducing the degree of high frequency response, the response frequency of 3Hz-40000Hz. In addition to rhythm control technology to improve the dynamic sense of sound, multi-branch circuit to reduce interference to convey detailed high-frequency. 32 impedance and 107dB sensitivity, although with portable devices can promote, but you want to play its strength or to be accompanied by a relatively good front-end. Sense of hearing, do not change the trend of the XBA beats by dr dre series, the relative emphasis on the bass, both sound field and dynamic have a very good performance ~