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School sisters play handsome 4 Maverick headset recommended
cheap beats headphones From the appearance point of view, the P7 is still the luxury style of B&W. The body is not made of a plastic material. It is made of top-grade aluminum and steel. Therefore, some people will feel heavy. The head pads and earmuffs are made of soft leather. , While increasing the style, but also greatly enhance the comfort of wearing headphones, double-cushion cushion cushion design, enhance the stereo effect at the same time, to further reduce the ambient noise, making the sound field bigger and more ear.

Features: Magnetic suction replacement earmuffs, more convenient; hidden exchangeable interface, to avoid dropped due to pull, prevent interface aging; double cavity cushion cushion design to ensure that the drive cheap beats unit and the headset surface to maintain a consistent amount of air, The sound field is wider and the amount of information is also more abundant, but the analysis is too powerful and the voice is a bit chilly. It is more suitable for classical and jazz users. Users who prefer heavy bass need careful selection.

Holding the traditional style of B&O, but the shape should be more rounded, aluminum frame with memory foam and lambskin mixed earmuff material, so the body is only 235g of weight, no burden will be worn for a long time, the color is fresh and refined, A built-in 600 mAh lithium battery beats by dre cheap lasts about 19 hours. It is basically enough for daily use. It takes only two and a half hours to fully charge the battery.

Features: Orange gray, sand gray, charcoal gray color more bold, the overall shape is stylish and playful, wear absolute age; H4 before the change of the sliding touch operation, continuation of the physical keys, you beats by dre cheap can quickly and better master the operation; sound quality Not particularly prominent, more popular populism, so that more in line with the needs of young groups, out of the street can be regarded as a pull the wind landscape.

As a high-end headset, workmanship is very solid, the collision of metal and leather, full of exquisite and luxurious, hanging out on the street so that a headphone return rate is absolutely guaranteed.

Features: mute key, easy to hear outside sounds in specific scenes; magnetic suction head replacement, easier removal, easy replacement; moist tuning style, has a certain sense of fluffy, vocal under this kind of rendering It is comfortable and meets the public's listening needs.

Has its own mature noise reduction algorithm and coupled with excellent technology, let it be as long as the noise reduction headphones, consumers first reaction is it. There is no cool appearance, more emphasis on practicality, but there is a simple beauty, noise reduction is very good, bring the world instantly feel quiet.

Features: The material on the head pad is made of synthetic material that looks like a velvet. It feels comfortable and has high durability. It is said to be more expensive than leather. It enhances the noise reduction level of a generation. At the same time, it uses active noise reduction and passive noise reduction to make the technology more skillful. Supports two Bluetooth devices, no need to switch; play longer, the official website claims 20 hours, 2 hours full.