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Smart audio has nothing to do with sound The new product revealed a new direction

The so-called smart audio, in fact, has nothing to do with the sound, recently in recent years, based on the popularity of iOS and Android, some of the traditional audio equipment manufacturers have started around the smart phone to create a WiFi or Bluetooth-based portable speakers. In short, it is to use the relatively cheap price to seize the market, these prices between one to three thousand dollars between the products do not have to shake the sound effects, but in the design, the number beats by dre studio of novelty to please the young consumers.

In addition, the current market there are many cottage smart sound, because the hardware, however, once the volume elevation, the sound produced by the sound completely affect the sound itself has the value. As a sound, a hardware, smart sound if you can not keep the brand with the sound of the speaker, obviously it is difficult to really call the smart sound, smart speakers may be the name of the destination. Since it is called smart sound, brand smart sound should be the first sound to intelligence, which is currently most of the smart sound should be awake place.

New products on the market revealed the direction of development

Although the current smart audio field in the market there is the phenomenon of fish in troubled waters, put the manufacturers have big and small, which is the music of the cool dog is a small pink M1 Bluetooth beats headphones on sale headset, cool cool C1 car Bluetooth player, then push a Smart music hardware - K6 smart light HiFi sound (hereinafter referred to as "K6"), and in Jingdong open all chips.

K6 can also use Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay, AUX connection to play, but its biggest feature is beats headphones on sale the WIFI direct play mode. Products using 5-inch high-definition touch screen, rotating screen design, equipped with Andrews 4.4.2 system, as long as the same operation and mobile phone connection WIFI, you can complete the play independently, download.

In addition, the domestic audio well-known brands - Edifier to bring its first intelligent voice control sound MA5 heavy attack, for the intelligent cloud audio market add the trend for. Different from the traditional traditional speaker products, Edifier launched the intelligent cloud sound MA5, is a walker together Ali intelligent hardware + software + content combined with the way to break the source restrictions, subvert the traditional music appreciation, and can follow the user's voice Instructions to complete the music search and play, with voice control functions of the new smart audio products.

The user only need to sound the voice command, a few seconds will automatically recognize the audio content, for the user to organize the playlist. And the product is also equipped with a positive LCD screen, in the process of human-computer interaction, the user can clearly see the playback information. Although the current product is also limited to identify the song name, but rely on Edifier strong research and development capabilities, the future is expected to use it to control smart home appliances, allowing users to completely out of the shackles of mobile phones and remote control.

Written in the end: obviously in fact, "smart" and "sound" apart from the point of view, in fact, the two are not affected each other, but if the two together can produce a different anti-smart, so that ears enjoy high tech.