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Student Party? Want to buy cost-effective headphones? Color headset on the line!
Simply cool do not want to have? In fact, the price as a student party is still quite expensive, but the real high value of this headset, but also the most expensive headphones demon cat! Xiao Bian ready to start this piece of headphones! Because rather than chicken to the end of the heart of it! Foreign guys headset price is too much! Not a student can afford! Talk about this headset a bit: touch, Bluetooth, 40MM large moving coil unit closed learning system, 20 hours battery life! The main value is to retain me!

Diamond-cut precision metal sound cavity, knife forming, with a stable structure, can effectively reduce the cavity resonance on the negative impact on sound quality, to ensure excellent bass performance. After a large number of outer ear model data calculations and large-scale user wear test, designed to more suitable for Asian ear size earbuds, follow ergonomic auricular earplugs design. Is also a very worthy place of the headset! RMB199 price is not high nor low, wireless Bluetooth, twelve hours battery life, bass loud, good compatibility! But I still phrase, Yan value higher!

Another Yen value on the line! British love for many college students can accept it! "Color and sound are my attitude" is his slogan! 30MM drive unit presents a strong bass! Hands-free calls, remote control, a wheat!

Is a classic earbud headphones, the continuation of the Iron Triangle has always been a good character, exquisite workmanship, price-friendly, easily accepted by the public. Adopting the 14.3mm moving coil unit, in addition to retaining the usual sweet voice of the Iron Triangle, it can also give better consideration to low frequencies.

Round shape can reduce the sense of foreign body wear, coupled with cheap beats the overall headset is more portable and ergonomic design, wear for a long time and did not appear the case of ear pain. With the same high-strength H220P TPE headphone cable, top core structure, anti-pulling, easy winding, durable.

beats earbuds This demon cat headphones look more cute, very personal style, red, black and two colors to choose from. Can all intelligent beats by dre cheap environment noise reduction, allowing you to enjoy the enjoyment in the music world, are not disturbed by the outside world. High school bass structured, as well as shock bass, high configuration headset structure, the real reduction shocked the scene.