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The earphone with excellent sound quality within 200 yuan, these are not bad
Saying that the front, we advise you not to buy headphones that are more than 400 in the mainstream, and you can't really take them down. With the fiery headphones market, domestically produced headphones have also begun to focus on quality in recent years. Especially the headset with hundred yuan stalls, the effect of domestically produced headphones will be even better than Sony's and Iron Triangle's thousand dollar headsets. Those who lack the money and pay attention to the effects of the headset, quickly look at it.

beats earphones Some people listen to songs for the pursuit of sound quality, and some people are totally for the fashion sense of headphones. In addition to the good sound quality of these two-cross headphones, the beautiful design is very popular, smooth sound quality, delicate tuning effect, in the morning run, use it to listen to songs, presumably you will also become a sight in the eyes of others .

These two aspects of sound quality can be circled at this price point, use it to listen to songs, although it can not be said that on the spot, but both ears with the lossless music rolling, always provoke people's pursuit of music. Of course, as the Bluetooth headset, the clarity of the call is also not to be ignored. The high-fidelity call effect is still leveraged, and it is suitable for business use, or as a car headset.

Design style is simple atmosphere, low-key luxury feeling. On the outside of the headphone cavity, a silver aperture is inlaid, making it less boring, a bit lively and stylish. This has always been a simple fashion route for the walker's headphones. Suitable for everyone who has a dream, the pursuit of personality wear. Headphones have a 9mm dynamic coil unit, with its beats by dre wireless own sound technology.

This headset has a particularly light feeling, without the slightest sense of restraint. Due to the current cheap beats mainstream design direction, the design concept of reducing the weight of the suspended part from various angles is more agreeable, in addition to reducing the sense of restraint of the ear of the traditional earphone, and oppression. sense. It is suitable for long-time wear by the music, and there will not be too much uncomfortable feeling.

Headphone cable wear-resistant, slim and durable, in line with the current mainstream minimalist style of the headset, can be seen from the line width of the walker Sony Iron Triangle and other big names, headphone cable adopts a more compact design, and the general headset hollow TPE In comparison, the actual touch is beyond my imagination. The thickness of the wire really does not need to be taken into consideration. Compactness, lightness, and durability are the ultimate goals of use.