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There are colored! beats earphones Aggressive high cost headphones recommended!
First of all, a good headset to "nice", this is inevitable; but also enough Sao, this also must! Aggressive and nice headphone, recommended here is the young people dedicated Kam Serum also stylish headphones. Detachable wire around the ergonomic design, comfortable to wear, easy to use. Colorful body and translucent fashion design, unassailable you must!

Is a professional grade high-quality dynamic HiFi headphones, which carry a dual magnetic two-way graphene units, with more HD resolution and sound field; all-aluminum shell, plus a newly developed 5N oxygen-free copper and Shield the beats by dre winding material, both texture and reduce the resonance and external interference caused by distortion.

beats by dre It is worth mentioning that, because of its high-quality, high performance and reasonable price, a total of four headphones on the list. One of them is the KING headset, which, in addition to the high-quality headphone unit, has a silver-plated design on the wire to provide higher definition signal transmission and lower impedance.

The depth of the virus in patients do not have to chase Japanese headphones, encountered TFZ is already your blessing. In-ear HiFi headphones longer than the female voice, pop and pop, high-frequency highlight, the sound was dyed sweet, suitable for listening to Japanese girl music, but also enthusiast pop music enthusiasts must ear artifact.

If you want to get more outrageous out of the street experience, will be a more perfect choice. Colorful shine translucent headphone body design, both the perfect embodiment of personality, but also the new height of technology and quality. And multi-color optional, match your ultimate pursuit of individuality and maverick.

With a higher cost performance, equipped with a VGP approved KING headphone unit, highlighting the low frequency, excellent bass performance, suitable for vocal classical music and electro-rock, is the best plaything for enthusiast music lovers. Attentive colorful design is also the highlight of this headset, more color choices to meet the needs of different enthusiasts.

High sound quality, high performance and reasonable price, which is judged by VGP judges TFZ headphones. Have to say is that with the pursuit of quality of life people, the quality of domestic products have begun to gradually haunt the vision of users beats by dr dre at home and abroad, which is the manifestation of the conscience of goods.