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This red dot award speaker mini version, go out to play must!

Play the king began to enter the pit to buy sound, full of thoughts are sound quality, color and function. However, for the usual use of headphones for the play of the king, the speaker is mainly used, and friends to share music and movies, so play the ideal speaker, is this: First, it is easy to accept. Take out will not be very heavy, do not let the place at home. Secondly, it beats solo can be very resistant to manipulation. All day long to go, touch on the bad words, how can? Of course, it should be sound good. Although I did not "fever" level, but there are murmurs, sonic sound of the speaker, no one wants it. It is best to have stereo, rain two people nest in the quilt watching movies, simply can not be more comfortable. I also tried a lot of speakers, but can not take into account my small requirements. Until the play Jun recently saw this set of convenient, durable, sound quality, function in a Bluetooth speaker ~

It is probably a thermos bottle size and weight, beats headphones beats by dr dre on sale put the bag with no pressure. Small volume contains a huge amount of energy. Two independent full-range speakers, plus two metal bass diaphragm before and after, full of strength. Playing the king tried to use it to broadcast a movie, 2.0 stereo surround sound system, although not more than professional-level home theater equipment, but compared to mobile phones, computers, and even TV's own speakers, absolutely beyond it. Now what depends on the phone, if beats headphones no electricity, it is simply a devastating tragedy.