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Three headset brands, different ways to open the American headphones
Speaking of American headphone equipment, I believe that most people would think of it as rough sound quality with a powerful bass effect. This light resolving power, the impression of heavy bass, seems to have become a sign of American audio equipment, and even some people have labeled it as a crude one. However, American headphone equipment is not only a bass bomber. Three American headphone brands bring you a rich variety of American headphone genres.

The most direct impression is the stylish, avant-garde, bass explosion. As a pure American headphone brand, JBL found a better balance between bass and sound beats earbuds quality. While retaining the powerful beats by dre on sale bass, it also focuses on the earphone's creation of music atmosphere, enabling the bass characteristics of the headphones. Give full play, and greatly enhance the hearing of headphones.

beats solo Its appearance design, fully reflects the JBL product design in the avant-garde, stylish design ideas. At the same time, due to the integration of wireless noise reduction technology, Duet also has excellent practicality. In terms of audio performance, duet's low-frequency performance is very eye-catching, bringing shocking sound, but also fully highlight the American headphones "warm" sound characteristics.

Comes with powerful sports attributes. The characteristics of wireless Bluetooth connection, combined with powerful waterproof features, make it easier to wear in sports. At the same time, earphones with unique modern design and earplug structure that closely integrates ergonomic concepts also effectively enhance the appearance and comfort of headphones.

The same giant brand in the US speaker field, Bose is nearly 20 years later than JBL. However, this does not affect the brand's popularity in the world and its achievements and achievements in the field of audio equipment manufacturing. Compared to traditional audio brands, Bose is more adept at opening up and exploring, so he has always been at the forefront of audio technology.

One of the few 锟斤拷heterogeneous锟斤拷 who doesn锟斤拷t pay attention to bass performance, instead focuses on how to ensure that headphones have a balanced playback performance. At the same time, Bose is highly accomplished in noise reduction technology. Wireless noise reduction headphones are also Bose's flagship product line.

The next representative noise canceling headphones product. The simple head-mounted design expresses the neat industrial design aesthetic. The core design highlights of wireless noise reduction make this headset more applicable. At the same time, the balance of sound quality makes it a worthwhile cheap beats headphones interpretation of all kinds of music.

The different open styles of American headphones allow you to choose based on your listening needs for music. In addition to the traditional shock bass, more American-style headset brands have begun to try new lines of earphone manufacturing, which has brought us more abundant product selectivity. For American fans, it is undoubtedly a great welfare.