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Wearing a high-fidelity headset recommended, absolute 51 out of a good companion!
Is a stereo Bluetooth headset. Headphones use 40mm high-quality driver, inherited 50 pedigree in sound quality, low frequency flexibility, bass shock, outstanding performance in popular music. Stylish and full of personality, it is very suitable for daily street. The bluetooth function of the headphone, has got rid of the restraint of the headphone line, is equipped with the one-button microphone wire-by-wire one-button voice hands-free two modes, the battery life can reach 20 hours.

The headphone also offers an adjustable head beam, with ten free stretches and a sturdy structure. High-quality leather ear pads and head girder lining, delicate and soft, wear lasting comfort. There are three color mixing matte spraying processes. Use large-sized earmuffs to block out disturbing noises. 3D hinge, can be flipped 90 degrees, easy to carry and save.

This Bluetooth Headset headset was designed by the Danish Design Team, which has won awards from the international design awards. The elegant Scandinavian design style highlights the minimalist concept and does not compromise on ergonomics. The soft, protein-proof leather earmuffs are soft and comfortable. The beam part also has a thick filler, which can meet the user's requirements for long and comfortable wearing.

With 40mm dynamic circle drive unit, bass deep and full, clear and translucent treble. Headset's active beats earphones noise reduction is powerful, and its unique "CityMix" technology enables users to clearly hear outside sounds and easily talk to people without removing headphones. Remove headphones music can automatically stop, wear and can automatically start playing. The multi-touch on the cavity shell is to increase the operating convenience for this headset.

Listening comfortably is natural, the female voice is mellow and nice, with a high-precision diaphragm and a lightweight voice coil beats by dre on sale structure. Double acoustic damping can make balanced adjustments to each segment of sound. The device's circuit board system reduces sound distortion.

The shell has a layered metal composite structure that suppresses unwanted noise vibrations. Three-way ventilation system controls air flow and improves high/medium/low audio performance. Soft memory cotton earmuffs for long and comfortable wear listening. Ear-shaped earmuffs design provides excellent audio sealing effect.

cheap beats headphones It is also a more classic headset, wrapped soft earmuffs, atmospheric black appearance, frequency response range up to 50kHz, use 50mm large drive unit, headphones have anti-vibration drive frame inside to avoid unnecessary resonance and vibration. MLF multi-layer diaphragm metallic luster, can withstand high frequency vibration of 50KHz.

The HD10 unit can be flexibly adjusted to fit comfort in any position, with leather cushions on the top of the head and long-term wear to reduce ear pressure without feeling tired. A 3.5 mm L-shaped plug is also included to prevent deformation of the headphone jack due to external forces.