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What are the basic stage sound configurations?

As the saying goes, good horse beats headphones cheap with a good saddle, excellent stage performances must be a set of professional stage audio equipment. Currently on the market a wide range of stage audio equipment, different functions, to the choice of audio equipment has brought beats solo a certain degree of difficulty. Under normal circumstances professional stage audio equipment is by the microphone + mixer + amplifier + speaker can be. Sound source in addition to the microphone, and sometimes need DV D, computer music, etc., can only use the computer. But if it is a professional stage sound effects, in addition to the need to set up a professional stage staff, but also add effects, timing, equalizer, pressure limiters and other audio equipment. Here we detail the professional stage audio equipment.

1, mixer

A sound mixing device having a plurality of channel inputs, a sound for each channel which can be individually processed, and beats by dr dre having an output of beats earbuds left and right channels, mixing, monitoring, and the like. Is an important equipment for sound and sound creation by sound engineer, sound engineer and composer. 2, after the level amplifier 3, reverb 4, divider 5, the adapter 6, the compressor is the compressor and limiter merger collectively. Its main role is to protect the amplifier and speakers (speakers) and to create a special sound effects. 7, the effect of providing sound field effects, including reverb, delay, echo and sound processing of special audio equipment. 8, equalizer is the different frequency to enhance, attenuation, adjust the bass, midrange, treble ratio of the device. 9, speakers and speakers Speaker is the electrical signal into a sound signal device. According to the principle of distinction between the electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric ceramic electrostatic and pneumatic.